Fantastic 4 quartet

A four part harmony A Cappella Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association, Harmony Incorporated, and Barbershop Harmony Society quartet

We are located in the Northern Virginia/ DC/ Metro Area

HI Area 3

BHS Mid-Atlantic District 

Our Members

Lead- Chris Susalka

Bass- Dale Bird

Baritone- Heidi Brown 

Tenor- Susan Shields

Our Mission

We all love music and love performing. Our goals are to create beautiful music and to entertain and have fun while doing it. We have been known to spend the majority of our rehearsals cracking jokes and having random dance parties. 

Our Story

Our quartet formation was fated. Susan and Heidi sang together in Bella Nova Chorus. Chris and Dale sang together in multiple quartets. Susan met Chris and brought everyone together. The rest is Fantastic...